Client Acceptance to Princeton University with Full Tuition Scholarship!

Published December 2023

Renaissance Admissions Consulting is delighted to announce the amazing news of a client receiving binding acceptance to Princeton University for the Class of 2028 with a four-year full tuition scholarship! In addition to tuition, the scholarship will cover housing, food, books, supplies, and travel expenses. Princeton typically enrolls between 1350 and 1500 students to enter their freshman class.

It is an honor to have advised this high school senior through the past six months in their college application process to strategize on test preparation and whether to submit scores, build their activity list, give guidance and feedback on over 50 essays, and highlight their accomplishments and goals for the future in the most compelling way possible to stand out to admissions committees.

With our advice, this senior became a QuestBridge National College Finalist in October 2023. After ranking their top choices and submitting supplemental materials for their ranked schools, this student received news of receiving a QuestBridge National College Match full tuition scholarship in December 2023. What a joy it was to receive a phone call from this client the day they heard the news to thank us and say the result would not have been possible without all our expert advice!

In 2023, out of over 20,800 applicants to the QuestBridge National College Match program, only 6683 were selected as finalists and out of those finalists, 2242 were recipients of a National College Match scholarship (10.78 percent of the original applicant pool) with one of QuestBridge’s 50 college partners.

QuestBridge Press Release on 2023 National College Match

We are so proud to be part of this applicant’s journey and help achieve their dreams for the future and join the Ivy League! We congratulate this client and cannot wait to hear about their college years as a Princeton Tiger!


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