Which services do you offer?

Renaissance Admissions Consulting, LLC advises clients applying to programs in the United States. They include colleges and universities, as well as DMD/DDS, JD and LLM programs. We also offer transfer services for college and JD programs.

When it is best to apply to programs?

For college, most Early Action and Early Decision deadlines fall in October and November, and the regular decision deadlines are typically in January and February. If there is a set deadline, it is usually best to apply at least 24 hours beforehand to avoid any technical issues that might happen close to deadline. If the school practices rolling admissions which means they review applications as they come in and slots fill up before a set deadline, it is best to get applications in as soon as possible.

For law, most top JD programs are due in February and March. However, due to rolling admissions, in order to be most competitive, it is ideal to have applications done before Thanksgiving. For LLM programs, the top schools are usually due in December, but application deadlines can go much later into the spring for lower ranked schools. I usually advise clients to apply for LLM programs early and see where they are accepted, and then only apply to lower ranked programs if necessary.

For dental school, although deadlines are typically in January and February, it is generally best practice to apply by July 1 to have the best chance because it is an extremely competitive landscape in which almost half of all applicants do not get accepted to any US dental program.

When do you begin work with clients?

Typically for college applicants, I start work during 10th or 11th grades or the summer before they will apply. Most law school clients sign up during the spring and summer of the year they will apply, but some choose to work together to plan ahead a year or two ahead of time. For dental school clients, many sign up in the winter and early spring of the year they plan to apply before the dental school admissions portal opens in May, but some also choose to work together a year or two before their application cycle to carefully map out their college years.

Do I need standardized test scores when I sign up for service?

Many college programs have become test optional, so test scores might not be necessary. However, both law and dental programs require test scores, so it is optimal to have at least one set of test scores that are eligible to be submitted at the time of signing up. For law school JD programs, the LSAT and GRE are acceptable (but very few applicants submit GRE scores for this program as it severely limits your options). There is also a new exam called JD Next which has recently been accepted as a test for some law schools; it is so new that I do not recommend at this time as we do not have much data on it yet. For LLM programs, a TOEFL that is above 100 is the most competitive to succeed in a program in the United States. For dental school, the student should have a DAT score.

Do you write essays?

The client is responsible for writing essays and required elements of the application and filling out the sections. Renaissance Admissions Consulting, LLC will carefully review the client’s writing and work, giving constructive feedback and concrete suggestions and go through many revisions to get to the final version.

What is pricing for your packages?

Pricing depends on the elements included in the package, but it generally set by the number of schools and the type of program. Most clients choose a package that includes five or more schools together. For dental school, since admission rates are so low, it is best to apply to approximately 15-20 programs to have the best chance. Renaissance is a boutique consulting firm and packages are crafted according to the client’s needs and preferences; quotes are provided after an initial consultation to get a sense of goals and fit.

Why should I work with Renaissance?

There are quite a few admissions consulting firms in the United States. However, only a small percentage employ counselors who have worked in admissions offices at top schools and seen firsthand how a class is chosen and selected. Renaissance has the expertise to provide insights to clients and families about best practices of how to approach this process and make your application stand out. As the founder, Christina has the credentials of having attended a top college and graduate school and served as an employee of admissions offices at prestigious institutions. As a former teacher, tour guide, and educational administrator, she has worked with a very diverse clientele across many age groups and has a talent for connecting with others and delivering advice with tact and empathy. Christina is deeply passionate about the field of education; she has the care and attention to highlight and present your story to admissions committees and help you achieve your educational goals.