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College Admissions

The United States has a robust educational system that is greatly admired. Schools can range from small liberal arts colleges to large flagship state universities and everything in between. Christina has detailed knowledge about the colleges in the United States. She worked at the Amherst College admissions office during her undergraduate years and earned a master’s in higher education at Harvard which has given her a comprehensive overview of the university education system in America. Her coursework included Economics of Higher Education with the current dean of Harvard Graduate School of Education and Higher Education and the Law taught by Harvard’s general counsel. During her time at Harvard, she worked at an executive search firm focused on colleges and mission-based organizations to assist in finding the best candidate for a university presidency.

Dental School Admissions Counseling
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Dental School Admissions

Christina’s experience in admissions for the DDS program at New York University College of Dentistry gave her a strong background in understanding what committees look for in their dental class. Since NYU is the largest dental school in the United States, Christina saw an enormous applicant pool from all over the country and world. 10 percent of the dentists in the United States are educated at NYU. Most dental schools in the United States have acceptance rates below 10 percent. Only 56 percent of applicants gain admission to a US dental school, so it is very important to present the best application possible to optimize your chances.

Christina has successfully helped students gain admission to doctoral dental programs. For instance, in one case, a student had applied on their own and did not have any interviews due to their low GPA, which was more than half a point below the average dental accepted student. The next year, the student worked with Christina and as a result, gained acceptances to two programs and is now enrolled in dental school in New York. In another instance, a student also had a low GPA from college; with her guidance, the student gained admission to several schools and is now a practicing dentist.

Christina’s ability to review the materials and make sure they show a generous passion for dentistry and anticipate any weaknesses the admissions committee might see has made a difference in gaining acceptance.

Law School Admissions Counseling
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Law School Admissions

Christina has excelled in helping many clients achieve their dreams for JD and LLM programs. Through her experiences, she can provide valuable insights to her students. In college, Christina’s senior thesis focused on a famous lawsuit in Emily Dickinson’s family involving her sister Lavinia Dickinson versus her brother’s mistress Mabel Loomis Todd, which greatly affected the publication of Emily’s poetry. Christina later worked for several years as a litigation paralegal at a national law firm. Evaluating applications for the JD admissions offices at Harvard Law School and NYU School of Law has given her strong knowledge of how a student can stand out. Contrary to popular belief, it is not just about test scores and GPA – the student must demonstrate a true desire and passion for the law and show dedication to activities outside of class.

Christina has worked with a wide range of clients – including applicants who are aiming for T14, those who want to only apply to law schools in their home state, and international students who wish to study in the United States for a one-year LLM program and return home afterwards. Christina has had successful results with clients at every top-ranked law school as well as more regional schools that are strong in their particular area of the country. Christina is also able to assist transfer applicants for JD as she did help manage the process of evaluating and accepting transfers at NYU Law.