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Current Landscape for Dental School Admissions

Dental school is extremely competitive to be accepted. There are fewer than 70 dental schools in the United States, and most enroll fewer than 100 students a year for their DDS/DMD programs. Dental school enrollment is at a very high level right now and there were about 26,000 studying this field in 2020-2021; the last time there were similar numbers of those studying dentistry was in the late 1970s and early 1980s (see link). Students intending to apply to dental school have to prepare for years ahead of time in order to meet the academic pre-requisites in science and English, and a significant portion return to school after graduating from college to take more classes in preparation for their applications. The public dental schools are focused mainly on enrolling students from their states or region, so if there is not an in-state dental school option for you, then it is important to cast a wide net. Interviewing is an essential part of the process as well for most dental schools; they will require preparation to determine if you are in dentistry for the right reasons and have genuine interest in the particular school.

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How Our Dental School Admissions Experience Can Help

In addition, dental school is a very expensive endeavor – on average in 2019-2020, the first year of dental school with tuition and fees was over $55,000 for in-state residents and over $72,000 for non-residents. With these factors, it is important to have an expert to help optimize your chances. Unlike many other fields, it is often the case that students choose the cheapest option for school to minimize the amount of loans since most dentists are self-employed and will need capital to start their own businesses. Christina’s experience in reading applications for the largest dental school in the United States at NYU College of Dentistry gives her a strong idea of how to best present your candidacy and achieve your dreams of becoming a dentist.

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Our Dental School Services

We can offer the follow services for applicants wishing to pursue a DMD/DDS:

  • School Lists and Research
  • Planning Visits
  • Timelines
  • Whom to Ask for Letters of Recommendation
  • Resume and Activity Lists
  • Review of Essays and Supplements
  • Review of Applications before Submission
  • Interview Preparation
  • Scholarship Advice
  • Decision Guidance
  • Wait List Support

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