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Current Landscape for College Admissions

There are approximately 4000 degree-granting colleges and universities in the United States. The admissions process for applying is quite complex and involves many nuances. The landscape has changed significantly in the last twenty years. Nowadays applications are mainly done electronically instead of by paper. With the ease of online submission, students apply to many more colleges than ever before and are increasingly considering a wider geographic range. In order to further distinguish applicants at the top universities, many schools require several essays. The essays need to demonstrate your personality and passion while providing context for what you offer to a college campus while avoiding repetition. There is an art to how you present your activity lists to show leadership and dedication and impact on others. In addition, the majority of colleges are test optional right now, and there is a strategy involved with deciding whether to turn in scores.

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How Our Admissions Experience Can Help

With the universities looking to fulfill their own institutional goals and create a diverse class with many different talents, admissions processes are opaque and confusing. Applicants often over-rely on popular rankings to determine where to apply – but rankings do not tell the whole story of whether the school has the right environment for your goals. For instance, some students overly focus on the Ivy League due to its prestige but depending on major, those schools may not be the most well regarded in a particular field. For instance, none of the top ten engineering schools are in the Ivy League. With the knowledge of an expert who has worked in admission offices, we can guide you with best practices and how to distinguish yourself among the thousands of applicants and optimize your chances for attending a great school for you.

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Our College Services

We are able to offer the following services for college:

  • Course Selection
  • Whether to Submit Standardized Test Scores
  • Planning Visits
  • Timelines
  • Whom to Ask for Letters of Recommendation
  • Resume and Activity Lists
  • Review of Essays and Supplements
  • Review of Applications before Submission
  • Interview Preparation
  • Scholarship Advice
  • Decision Guidance
  • Wait List Support

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